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Mon Esprit

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” – WB Yeats


Reignite your passion for self-care with the full ApothoGothic box, Mon Esprit. Created specifically with the whole being in mind, this package is the perfect gift for anyone – but especially for you. Surround yourself in the essential elements of nature to create space for restoring balance, harmony, and inner stillness. Awaken your tastebuds by indulging in the sweet and savory chef-recommended culinary pairings. Each scent has a unique, thoughtfully curated playlist to elevate your vibration and enhance your experience. Nourish and revitalize your senses through your ever-evolving journey. 

Mon Esprit includes sugar scrub, bath salts, linen/room spray, soap, and a candle. Each scent includes a complementing music playlist, story, and suggested food and beverage pairings.



Mon Esprit

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  • This item is available in two sizes: Moyen, and Grande.






    Petite (Sampler)



    1 Tealight Candle (1 ounce)



    1 Bath Salt Shot (2 ounces)



    1 Body/ Linen/ Room Spray (2 ounces)



    1 Scrub (2 ounces)



    1 Soap Cube









    1 Candle (4 ounces)



    2 Bath Salt Shots (2 ounces each)



    1 Body/ Linen/ Room Spray (2 ounces each)



    1 Scrub (8 ounces)



    1 Wavy Cut Soap (3 ounces)









    1 Candle (8 ounces)



    1 Scrub (8 ounces)



    1 Bath Salts (8 ounces)



    1 Body/ Linen/ Room Spray (2 ounces)



    1 Medallion or Leaf Soap (4 ounces)



    Container is only included in the Grande size where the option is selected.

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