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Crystal Salt

Experience the Music

Music is the keystone of our whole process of creating and producing our products. Take a step back from daily life and let our music playlists send you to another world. Music relaxes, restores, and renews - maybe you've heard some of these songs, maybe you haven't. Listen with fresh ears and let them wrap you in a discovery of senses.

Close your eyes, relax, and allow yourself to be transported to old Paris. Music to accompany the ApothoGothic La Premiére scent line.

Image by Léonard Cotte

Gatsby and champagne parties? We got you. Music to accompany the ApothoGothic Holiday Home, Op. 23 No. 1 limited edition scent line.

Image by Ian Keefe

Let this playlist float you down a lazy river in a light spring rain.

A River in France

We are awakening and coming alive as we near the spring.

Purple Blossom

Valentine's Bacchanal

It’s a 90s R&B jam. *ApothoGothic is not responsible for any babies born after interacting with this playlist*

Image by Bruno Martins

Relax and restore. Monthly playlist for 1/2024.

Image by Dominik Dombrowski

Winter Wonderland

Take a walk in the snow-covered forest. Monthly playlist for 12/2023.

Image by Patrick Schneider


Pour some hot cocoa and relax in the snuggery for a moment. Monthly playlist for 11/2023.

Image by Sixteen Miles Out

Vamp into October with some of our favorite tunes of the month. Monthly playlist for 10/2023.

Moonlit Fortress

Moving into the shadows of September, healing and vibing. Monthly playlist for 9/2023.

Illuminated Flower Bud

Music from the epic event that celebrated Black history, culture, and fashion - the Harlem Cultural Festival. Monthly playlist for 8/2023.

Image by The New York Public Library

Soak up some sun across the decades, let loose, and make a splash this summer! Monthly playlist for 7/2023.


Time to relish in the stillness and silence. Monthly playlist for 6/2023.

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