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About our Vision

ApothoGothic is the intoxicating mystique that submerges your soul in a scent~story.

The all-consuming spell of a good book while wrapped in your favorite blanket.


The alluring scent of a flower shop and the bewitching melody floating in the air as you pass by.


The serenity felt when savoring a warm croissant and velvety cappuccino at your favorite café.

As children, simple pleasures came from experiencing the joy of life through the senses: the smell of a bonfire on a crisp autumn evening, the song that was playing as you had your first kiss, and that first bite of a cookie right out of the oven.


The moments that sparked a fire in your soul.


Somewhere between childhood and the increasing demands of adult life, we’ve lost sight of that sensory enjoyment. It’s time to ignite your senses and reconnect with that wonder.

- Lauren and Taylor

Lauren Chiodo-Benmuvhar and Taylor Mills
French Breakfast
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