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Life's Melodies

Updated: Apr 1

"Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens."

-Maria von Trapp

Music holds immense power in our lives. It shapes our cultures, it inspires change on a large-scale level, and it has the ability to change our moods almost instantaneously. We innately understand this as children, allowing ourselves to be engulfed by the music, experiencing every part of a song. Somewhere along the way, we forget the effect it had on us as children and we regress to having a passive relationship with music. It becomes something that's on in the background, or something we sing along to only in the car.

One of the great things about music is the deeply profound way it helps us change perspectives in a way that we may not even realize until years later. Something that began as a fun earworm at first listen unfolds a poetic meaning we never previously noticed. Or we have something going on in our lives that makes us experience a song - or even a single lyric - differently than we had before. Even the instrumentation of a song can change how we experience the music. On Alanis Morisette's "Jagged Little Pill" album, there was a secret song at the end called "Your House." It was recorded a capella and came across a bit creepy, with almost stalker-like vibes. She recorded an acoustic version of the song later that reads more like the guttural sadness of a recent breakup and the realization of its finality.

Music helps us relate to other walks of life, deal with our own lives, and experience everything in a new way. Changing the song for the exact same activity can wildly alter how you feel during that experience. Close your eyes and picture flying over a city in the dark, about a thousand feet up from landing. You have headphones on and you're looking out the window, beginning to see the lights on the streets and buildings. How do you exist in that experience while listening to this, versus listening to this? (sidebar: Lauren has had both of these songs come up on her playlist when about to land and one of them makes for a much more dramatic landing)

We absolutely love making playlists for all of you every month - but we don't choose songs haphazardly. Just like when we create our scents, we start with a feeling and build the playlist around that. There is always a theme, even if it isn't explicitly stated (though most of the time it is). We always try to include at least some songs that most people will know...but our favorite thing is to introduce new songs and/or new arrangements or covers of songs. One song will fit perfectly for one list, but not necessarily for another list, despite seeming like it would be perfect for both. It's all about the feeling.

In April's playlist, we started with the very broad theme of "April Showers." We started tossing around a few song ideas before narrowing the theme down to "songs that make you feel like you're floating down a lazy river in April during a light rain." It might be the lyrics, it might be the rhythm, or it might be the some cases it was two or more of those things that gave us our intended feeling. Once we get started, our playlists practically build themselves.

There is a reason for each individual song we choose - nothing is chosen accidentally or gratuitously. If we really start to dive into the music we all choose on a daily basis, we can see patterns in our listening habits. How can we use that and add to it in order to positively impact ourselves and others around us? We challenge you to find a "perfect" song to send to a friend today - tell them you heard it and it made you think of them. We can guarantee it'll put a smile on their face and brighten both their day and yours.

Take a breath, surrender, and let music transport you into and through everything in your life.

Your assignment: Send us a DM on our Instagram and tell us five random facts about you (or five of your favorite things). These should not include anything about music. We'll send you back a link to whatever song we think is one of your perfect songs!

We love to give each other songs to fit things going on in our lives. In addition to this month's playlist, we've decided to give you some musical inspiration for common life themes:

Songs for When You Are Sad and Need to Feel It

Nothing Compares 2U - Sinead O'Connor

What Was I Made For - Billie Eilish

Elegie, Op. 24 - Gabriel Faure

Songs for When You Are Sad and Want to Cheer Up

Dancing in the Moonlight - King Harvest

Three Little Birds - Bob Marley and the Wailers

Move On Up - Curtis Mayfield

Songs for When You Feel Happy (and/or for when you are cleaning the house)

Walking on Sunshine - Katrina and the Waves

Soak Up the Sun - Sheryl Crow

Soul Bossa Nova - Quincy Jones

Movies Heavily Featuring Music


This is Your Brain on Music - Daniel J. Levitin

Every Brain Needs Music - Lawrence Sherman

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