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Holiday Honey - 2023

We (Lauren and Taylor) are constantly trying new things and sharing them with each other. Sometimes we buy two of something initially so the other can try it at the same time. We thought we'd share some of this year's favorites with all of you! (And if you happen to be looking for last-minute gift ideas, we have them broken down into price categories)

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Under $10

Bee Balm - One of our favorite lip balms. It comes in a little honey pot with an applicator - so cute!

Maybelline Falsies Lash Mask - Wear it overnight for amazing lashes in the morning.

Nick's Ice Cream - This stuff is delicious! Swedish-style ice cream - even if you're keto, you can have this!

Pine River Cheese Spreads - You'll want to eat these with a spoon, but they go well with anything.

Walking with the Masters - Christina Lopes' newest book. If you love learning about spiritual awakenings, manifestation, and evolving in your journey, this is for you.

Under $25

Williams Sonoma Honeycomb Stemless Wine Glasses - We have a thing for bees if you haven't noticed. We fell in love with these earlier this year and love them!

Japanese Stationery Pens - We both love pens (and office supplies in general), but Lauren has a thing for writing tips that are ridiculously small. Hypodermic needle small. These get close and they're all she uses besides the Pilot G2 0.38s.

Pottery Barn Booker Taper Candleholder - These are gorgeous and fit in anywhere!

Let the Light In - The awesome book of poetry by our social media goddess, Frankie Francis. Besides having great poetry, it elevates the look of any coffee table!

Nick's Keto Bars (Chocolate Cherry, Chocolate Peanut, and Chocolate Caramel are some of our faves) - These are breakfast most days for Taylor and Lauren...and occasionally snacks later on. Sometimes we get caught up in our creation process and we forget to eat - these are the perfect quick fix!

Under $50

Nueske's - These meats are so tasty! Especially the Triple Thick Butcher-Cut Bacon and the Applewood Smoked Landjaeger

Barbie - If you haven't seen this movie yet, you're seriously missing out. It's one of the best movies we've seen in a long time.

Pottery Barn Booker Pillar Candleholder - These are gorgeous and fit in anywhere!

Over $50

Birkenstock Boston Clogs - We've fallen in love all over again with these shoes. They're so comfy that you'll need an additional pair of them for your house shoes.

Manifestation Planner - We love planners around here! Seriously, you can't have a business and not use a planner. Lauren has tried practically all of the planners in existence. As far as themed planners go, this is her favorite (her favorite non-themed planners are anything Franklin Covey and the Gallery Leather Monthly).

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